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Soaking in the Living Water

There’s no striving just abiding. For so long I really didn’t have any idea what that meant. I can think of so many ways to express it, but words fall short.

There’s this killer playlist that is called something along the lines of “quiet soaking worship music”. What probably came to mind when seeing those words in a sentence was a visual of water, or a bathtub. But what this playlist, and ones like it, have is songs that bring about an atmosphere to just be drenched down to the bone in the presence of God. At times when I’m alone with Him, I treat it as a to-do list. I can’t speak for you, but I know for myself I’m typically moving at breakneck speed, trying to have my cup filled just enough to be able to function. Never quite fully quieting myself, or things around me enough to just be. Never quite reaching that level of the stillness to “Be still & know He is God.” (Psalm 46:10)

Recently it’s been hard, nearly impossible to get into the Word. He graciously brings scriptures He has already written on my heart to mind for me to meditate on and hold onto. You see, I’m in this season of deep emotional healing, and foundational character building. And while I’d love to sit in His word and highlight and journal in a variety of colors… God intimately knows where I’m at, and exactly what I need. It’s in this season of getting completely wrecked, on a seemingly daily basis, that I conveniently find myself flat on my back… completely vulnerable, and utterly overwhelmed, eyes fixed above.

While I was thinking of soaking in Him, I was shown three scriptures:

John 4:1-13

(the story of the Samaritan woman at the well where Jesus tells her about the living water for those who ask for it {The Holy Spirit}. This points to the fact that we always have a connection and depth, an eternal spring, to God, wherever we are.)

John 7: 37-38

(Where Jesus says anyone who believes in Him will have rivers of living waters flow from within them.

This highlights that the source of the living water is from Him, by having faith in Him.)


1 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,

he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he refreshes my soul.

(This scripture has so much depth to it, but in the context I'm speaking of, it talks about HE refreshes our souls.

We lack nothing when we allow Him to be our Shepherd, when we allow Him to lead us, when we allow Him to bring us to green pastures. So much can happen when we just submit to His leadership, instead of being the sheep that is constantly running away, constantly trying to be independent from Him.)

Maybe, just maybe there’s a connection between being in a tub of hot bath water and basking flat on your back in the Living Water. While soaking we disconnect from the world and allow our walls to come down. Sometimes we have to fight the urge to bring distraction or move about, we may get antsy after a certain bit, but once pressed in, we begin to relax. We are naked before Him; thus, our intimacy grows, and our souls are refreshed. Like soap being added to the bath, when His love covers us in these moments it bubbles up inside of us, bringing peace and even joy. We are washed clean and give off the pleasing aroma of living sacrifice. And just when we are about to get out of the tub, He wraps us in a towel of protection to dry us. He then hand-fashions garments of value and clothes us with righteousness, love, and His armor.

Prayer: Lord I pray we can deeply rest in the truth that You know exactly what we need, and that You are going to draw near to us if we draw near to You. Jesus, I pray that we can stop, be still and know You are God, and we are not. Lord I pray You continually pour into us and refresh our souls. Help us to intentionally make time and space for You. Help us to experience new facets of your character, and break down the walls of the boxes we put you in. God, lead us into a more intimate, vulnerable, and open relationship with You. Jesus, I thank You for Your sweet refreshing, renewing and revitalizing spirit that can saturate every part of our being if we let it. So, God we give You access to us, to our whole beings, withholding nothing from You. And if there is something we are holding onto, show us what it is, and give us the strength to let our fingers dissolve from around it as we soak in Your presence. It’s in your name Christ we pray, amen.

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